AppsRovers works with the worlds largest brands to deliver them installs, leads and sales. AppsRovers has global reach across all mobile devices and can offer a range of options to suit every advertiser.

AppsRovers has no set-up fee’s or expects any minimum spend requirements from its clients.

Advertisers Summary

  • Cost Per Install (CPI): AppsRovers offers cost per install service to advertisers where advertiser will need to pay only when a user has installed an application and opened it for the 1st time. Advertiser just needs to provide the link and define a CPI rate which advertiser is willing to pay.
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL): Lead generation is a well established and effective tool for advertisers. AppsRovers runs a number of CPL campaigns across multiple categories. Data capture via mobile optimised sites can include email addresses, postal addresses, brochure requests and coupons/discount.
  • Cost Per Sale (CPS): AppsRovers offers a ‘cost per sale’ opportunity to brands entering the m-commerce space. The advertiser works with our account managers to agree a fixed price for every sale we generate and then that is all you pay. No set-up fee, no minimum and we can drive traffic to your m-commerce site from any country in the world.
  • In-app Cost Per Sale: AppsRovers is integrated with the worlds leading app analytics companies. Advertisers using third-party tracking can offer an in-app cost per lead or sale to the AppsRovers publisher network. In-app CPA is available for iOS & Android